building your biznez: an interview with Tara Gentile about the art of earning & the (false) allure of the starving artist

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  • February 05, 2012

Hot damn. We’ve landed smack dab in the middle of our third week of giveaways. And there are many, many more to come. How excited am I that I got to sit down and talk to Tara Gentile (like Chantilly lace but with a G — remember that, because I sure as hell couldn’t) about her Area o’ Expertise: money.

You got that right, babe.

Dollah-bills. How to make ‘em. How to love it. How to not feel so GUILTY all the time about wanting mo’ of it. (That last bit is so very, very important. And difficult. And necessary. Seriously.)

So Tara wrote this little thing (little, psh) called The Art of Earning. The Art of Earning rocked my world, my socks, and brain-meats in entirely unexpected ways. I was all like, “My relationship with money’s alright. A little tepid but manageable.”

When I got this from The Blackthorne, I was flat ba-ROKE. I kid you not. I was stressed about where my next pay day was coming from.

Sara’s all like, “Amanda. Chill. Read this — it’ll help.”

And then I read it — as it turns out, my relationship with money sucked. So I sighed heavily, read on, and feasted on conversational prose and a concept that I was only passingly familiar with. Thanks to Tara’s insight, I’ve managed to begin to redesign my relationship with money.

Now’s your chance to get for free. (Yeah, yeah. I know it’s “Name Your Price”. But what if your price is NO MONIES AT ALL?! It happens. It’s okay.)

Big ol’ Edit: Tara’s just informed me that she’s also giving away a virtual ticket to the Art of Earning LIVE! (It’s a $250. You can thank me — and Tara — later.) Now you REALLY have to tell me a story.

Here’s what you gotta do: tell me how this can help you in your biznez with your pricing structure, rates, confidence, sex-life (it could happen), etc. You can post in the comments. You can tweet me. You can post on the violetminded Facebook page. You can even fire me an email, if you’re bein’ shy-face. (And that’s cool, baby. I love you shy-people. You make me happy-face.)

Tell me your story by Sunday, February 12th by 11:11am PT. I’ll announce the winner in Monday’s post!

And now… for the interview! (You’ll want to save this for later, too. It’s so juicy.)

[Can't see the audio player? No problem. Right-click here to download the file.]

Wondering who won the Kick-Ass Naming Session with Catherine Caine? It was Sang D! Go forth and name all the things, Sang!

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  • El Edwards says:

    Loved this! You’ve inspired me to change my ‘have this nifty mp3 in exchange for your email address’ thing to ‘here, have this thing, no strings attached’ with the belief that the right people will love it and want to get more. I’ve also grabbed a copy of your ‘Art of Earning’ Tara because I know that I have a bit of an issue with money so hearing you rave about it Amanda, I know it can only be good. :)

    Thank you for a wonderful dialogue. I’d love to see these continue after your 10 week party ends Amanda. The series so far has been wonderful. :)

    Love El x

  • lisa e says:

    Wow, this is amazing.

    I grew up in a family of artists and *all* of the many ideas about art and money being like oil and water: just not compatible. A while ago, I began having a series of lightbulbs big and small along the lines of:
    Wait! What if money is just another exciting design problem??!?
    Wait! What if money is just another art medium?!?
    Why not?!

    I’ve been very excited about these surprising questions/insights and coming across this post and Tara’s work has excited me even more: it feels like meeting up with the people who are asking some of these same questions … but they’re even farther along, hooray!

    So to answer “how this can help me in my biznez” — This can help me get even further with my tantalizing questions and begin to really, profoundly, and practically create the answers to them. This can help me really re-shape my sense of what my business and my art can be: the business of my art and the art of my business, yes! This can help me use all my creative powers to design a sustainable and giving business, something that would serve far more than me.

    Thank you so much!

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