violetminded has been crafting Creative Insights for our clients for the last three years. They’re the foundation upon which the sites are designed and built. They provide the Big Why for each design decision.

For the first time in two years (and after a very successful workshop in Toronto last year), we’re gearing up to offer them as a separate service.

I got lucky enough to catch Amanda in Toronto for her Creative Insights workshop and can I just say, “AH-mazing!!!”  Amanda clearly knows a whole hell of a lot about the creative process.  She managed to get my brain snuggled right into the sweet spot intersection of my clients hearts and my business’ soul so I could come up with design elements for my brand that would make my clients swoon.  Not only did we learn a lot, we laughed a lot too- Amanda makes you feel instantly at home so you can get past the awkwards and right into learning.  She was generous with her insight and feedback and I left feeling like I had just had a one-on-one consultation with a top-tier pro.  Super helpful in every way- can’t wait to put this knowledge into action! – Brandy Morris, Possibility Scout & Idea Wrangler

This Creative Insight Giveaway is our way of celebrating all of the support we’ve received over the years from our beloved DIY clients, friends, and digital family. We’re going to be accepting entries all day on Monday, February 3rd from 6AM Pacific until 11PM Pacific.

We’ll be giving away three (3) Creative Insight sessions, which will be comprised of a thirty minute deep dive voice-chat via Skype or phone and the gorgeoustacular Creative Insight document. 

“What I loved most about this Creative Insight process? The psychological bits overlaid on exquisite design pieces. My brand snapped into crisp font, luxe colors, and a shining avatar for myself & clients? Hell yes.”  - Jeanie Witcraft-Shiau

I want to reveal the beauty behind your business.

Let’s do this.

So sorry! We're no longer accepting entries for the Creative Insight giveaway. Check back next month!

Image by kennymatic