gemma “Amanda has designed three gorgeous & functional websites for me. Each one has its own personality and vibe. Her ability to dive deep into the experience I want for the website is nothing short of astounding. Site number three was rocked out in record time, in fact, I thought it was impossible. But, no, Amanda’s technical skill, laser focus & creative prowess left me breathless & delighted. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with her and I am looking forward to number four.” - Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Speaker, Guide

tg “When my clients–the best and the brightest of emerging coaches, thought leaders, and creatives–need a fresh website, I recommend violetminded. Amanda and her team design not only with good looks in mind, but with strategy, conversion, and community at the heart of the process. Their results lead to more prospects, clearer messages, and higher revenue.” - Tara Gentile, business strategist & creator of The Customer Perspective Process

cm “It’s rare that you find people like Amanda and her team — individuals who can really see you as you are. What is even more amazing is that not only do they see you as you are right now, but also how you might be even more fabulous. Then, they help you show that version of yourself to the world.” - Claudia Mason, The Anti-Pitch

dlp “It’s been so great working with you on Hiro Boga’s site. You didn’t miss a request, a pixel or a deadline. Thanks for being a total pro … and a lovely human being.” - Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

mn “The designs I’ve seen come out of the violetminded crew always stand out – they’re gorgeous, but not just surface level gorgeous; deep, usable, holistic gorgeous. Amanda and her crew know that it’s not just about how something looks, but about how it works, and creating a seamless marriage between the two.” - Michelle Nickolaisen, Founder of Bombchelle

hb “Amanda, thank you for my beautiful website. Working with you was an adventure in joyful co-creation. You were so beautifully responsive, generous, creative and collaborative every step of the way. My new website truly feels like my home on the web. It’s both visually beautiful and architecturally seamless. Thank you so much!” - Hiro Boga, energy alchemist, business strategist, & mentor to creative entrepreneurs 

af “It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for brainy Canadian ladies, but that’s not the (only) reason I send tons of my clients + comrades to Ms. Farough. Her web design work is thoughtful, inviting and beautifully spacious. She’s also a total nerd. And that’s a high compliment.” – Alexandra Franzen, Inspirational writer + author of 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome

tk “Razor sharp intuition, super smarts, and a whole lot of hearty warmth were the highlights of collaborating with Amanda on my website.  She helped me clarify what my site was all about in an incredibly creative and fun way, and she instantly “got” me and my brand. More than just doing a fabulous job (which Amanda truly does), she genuinely cares.  I felt so looked after all the way, knowing that the result would be a beautiful website and a lovely new business relationship too.” – Tricia Karp, Powerful Speaking Coach for Women