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  • December 03, 2013

The Desire Map relaunched today as a fully realized line of products that are as beautiful as they are astoundingly useful. Desire mapping, then ignoring it, then desire mapping again and actually feeling it sing through my bones has shown me that there is power in saying,

“I want to feel this way.”

And following it up with,

“This is how I’m going to do it.”

Following my core desired feelings of audacity, beloved, joy, imagination, and elegance, I’ve created this massively-useful-but-entirely-goal-devoid workbook for you, which I’ve dubbed “The Ode to Your Online Space”. It’s a tool for reflection and dreaming about your online space. It’s been designed to encourage doodling, sketching, meandering, verbosity, succinctness, and everything in between. It’s high on whitespace and low on fill-in-the-blank. Print it out. Scribble all over it. Paste it on your walls.

But most of all, make your online space into the very poetry of your business’ soul. (Tweet this.)

Download it here. Free. No strings. No list to sign up to. (I got rid of that sucker anyway.) Just click-click-away.

Have a wonderful December, darlings. I’ll see you all in the new year with new resources + more Storm Troopers.



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