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We work with wildly creative entrepreneurs and business owners to reveal the beauty behind their businesses.



Through a combination of business strategy & content strategy, we can help you transform what may be a floundering digital presence to something that accurately communicates your business goals to your Perfect People. (And we’ll do it with style.)


Branding & Visual Identity

Your brand is who you are in the business world. It’s time to stop hiding behind visuals and start getting out in front of the pack. We combine solid research, gorgeous aesthetics, and a dash of psychology to visually communicate who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why you do it.


Design & Development

violetminded’s sites are as sharply coded as they are beautiful. With fourteen years of experience, violetminded delivers gorgeous, hand-coded websites for any flavour of business model, including eCommerce, membership, & eCourse.

Your customers are waiting to fall in love with your business. Isn’t it time for you to fall in love with it again?

More than anything, we want to fall madly in design-love with your business. We work best with switched-on, deeply-rooted, and passionate entrepreneurs & enterprises to transform their underwhelming digital spaces into something their customers and clients can truly adore.


gamingI’m Amanda Farough, and I run this here gin-soaked digital space. (Nah, no gin. Maybe craft beer, but no gin.) I take my years of experience in design & development, combined with a strong business acumen and together — that means you, me, and your business — we create digital spaces that matter.

I’ve been featured on podcasts such as Holistic Business Radio and Reclaiming Creativity, in addition to interviews with Bombchelle and Makeness Media. My Creative Insight workshop was featured at WDS 2012 and has since worked its way through the West Coast, making its way as far east as Toronto.

But really, what all of that means is that in the midst of all of the know-how and training, I love what I do. Not just love — I’m well and truly obsessed. That means that our collaborations will be up to its eyeballs in deep conversations and laughter.

As we sweep up the insides of violetminded’s space, we invite you to explore some of our work & to get in touch about a potential collaboration.

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Currently accepting collaborations for January 2015.

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